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Classes carried out in our studio heated to up to 42 degrees to promote flexibility, releasing muscular tension, toning and strengthening the body whilst encouraging weight loss and detoxification

Hot Yoga

Suitable for all levels: Students perform a set series of static poses designed to increase flexibility, strength, stamina and vitality.

Hot Yoga Flow 1

Suitable for brave beginners and all levels: This is a Vinyasa class (flowing synchronization of body movement and breath). This class includes a short meditation at the end of class. Flow classes involve a certain level of co-ordination so we recommend if this is your first yoga class, that you attend Hot Yoga first and then progress into Hot Yoga Flow 1.

Hot Yoga Flow 2

Suitable for experienced levels: Dynamic and detoxifying – a great class to progress onto after attending Hot Yoga Flow 1.

Hot Dynamic Yoga

Suitable for experienced levels: This class brings principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga into the hot room. Poses are linked together through an organic flow, using th breath, designed to increase flexibility, strength and stamina.

Hot Forrest Yoga*

Suitable for all levels: Forrest Yoga is a strong practice that works to release tension and build greater awareness throughout the body through breath, core work and sequencing. With a strong focus on healing, you will learn to tailor poses that best work for you, whilst building strength, flexibility and integrity in your practice.

Hot Power Yoga

Suitable for all levels: This is a modern and dynamic Vinyasa Yoga (which synchronises movements with breath) to build strength and flexibility whilst sculpting and toning the body. It offers a challenging yet accessible practice.

Hot Lunchtime Flow

Suitable for all levels: A flowing Vinyasa class, perfect for those with limited time.

Also available in the hot room – see traditional classes descriptions:
Hot Align & Flow  |  Hot Jivamukti*  |  Hot Pilates  |  Hot Thai  |  Hot Vinyasa Flow  |  Hot Yin & Meditation

*Hot Jivamukti and Hot Forrest are practised at a slightly lower temperature in the hot room.