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Breeze Into Your Workplace

Corporate yoga for balance, equilibrium, vitality and effectiveness in the work and personal lives of you, your colleagues and/or employees

Our corporate yoga classes encourage both businesses and employees alike to become more efficient and effective through reduced stress levels, increased energy and improved memory and focus, whilst encouraging greater overall strength, flexibility and good health. 

 If sitting at a desk for hours, manual work, suffering from lethargy and sluggishness, overwhelmed by deadlines, lacking in motivation, occasional tension headaches, general aches and pains and an inability to fully concentrate sounds familiar, then regular yoga practice together with relaxation techniques to calm, rejuvenate and regenerate can be just the solution you and your organization are looking for. 


A  45 minute session to invigorate and strengthen, tapping into your own unique creativity to motivate, energize and inspire.

45 minutes of pure, blissful, restorative and deeply nurturing stretching and relaxation to calm the nervous system and refresh the mind and body.

 Enjoy both elements or just one of the above sessions, which can be run consecutively to suit your requirements and ensure that there really is “something for everyone”.

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Half or full day mini-retreats for organisations held at Breeze include some or all of the following elements:

  •  Yoga practice
  • Deep relaxation session
  • Pilates for posture and back care
  • Tools and techniques for managing stress
  • Meditation taster
  • Nutrition – mood food/diet myths/eating for vitality

Sessions are held in private groups either in your workplace or in our dedicated studios.  

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