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Beginners Yoga 4 Week Monthly Courses

Beginners Yoga 4 Week Monthly Courses

with Minica Beason

Have you or a friend heard plenty of wonderful things about Yoga, yet to date not quite made it into a class? If so, would you feel a little more confident about venturing in if you knew that everyone in the class were a total beginner like you?

Participating in our short beginners’ course will give you the knowledge you need to get a great head start on your yoga journey. You will learn the basics, the terminology, the adaptations you may require, and which, of the many different styles of yoga we offer, are most suitable to help you achieve your personal goals.

These classes will set you up for a great and rewarding practice and are open to men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Please note that this course is not held in our heated studio, but will complement your practice should you choose to venture into hot classes after the course.

£50 for the 4 week course

Call us at Reception on 020 8658 1990 or click here for upcoming dates and to book

Please note that each Beginners Course involves 4 separate sessions and to get maximum benefit from the course it is important that you attend all 4 sessions. In the event that you do not attend a session once booked, we regret that this is not refundable or transferable for other services at Breeze.